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Entrepreneur Talks

What is 21st Century Hustle?

21st Century Hustle is a talk tour about entrepreneurship and innovation in the 21st Century! These talks are about inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to get started with practical advice from someone who is in their generation and has already started. 

George Moulos uses examples of successful innovators and entrepreneurs and shares engaging methods for how university students can get involved in entrepreneurship and what the best businesses, methods and techniques are to get started in the 21st Century.

Who are these talks for?

These talks are aimed at university students starting their career entrepreneurship and innovation. The talks apply to anyone under 25 or even 30 looking to innovate within their career, make some extra money on the side or be an full time entrepreneur. Most of our talks are at business schools or at career days/weeks at universities so that we can show students what entrepreneurship looks like in the 21st century and the first steps they need to take to explore this career path.

Are you interested in having George speak at your university or business?

George’s 21st Century Hustle talk offers practical insights into how students and employees can create businesses and also innovate within their careers to be more productive, innovative and to create more value for society. If your business, university or high school would like to host a talk please reach out using the social media links below.

Who is George Moulos?

George Moulos is a Greek Australian 24-year-old serial entrepreneur who was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 Greece in 2021. After starting online businesses from a young age in Sydney Australia he moved to Greece and Cyprus to grow his businesses and promote entrepreneurship and innovation to young people. These innovations and businesses could be started in their existing jobs, as a part time commitment and also as a full-time career path.